In Memory of the Incomparable Valerie Baerlocher

Film at Eleven honors one of our founding members, and one of our closest friends. Read Michele Mitchell's tribute to Val here.

She was the very unusual combination of business savvy—she had been a top salesperson for Xerox when very few women were salespeople—and kindness. When she helped us start Film at 11, it was because she wanted to “change things” through media, getting people to look unflinchingly at the bad while considering how they could, in turn, do good. There were no barriers, in her eyes, just opportunities to figure out positive solutions.
— Michele Mitchell

The Uncondemned

"The Uncondemned" is the story of the first time rape was ever prosecuted as a war crime during the first international tribunal since Nuremberg.The Akayesu case at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda was the first genocide trial in history, but it would become legendary for much, much more. Shot in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, The Netherlands and the United States, "The Uncondemned" recently completed principle photography.

The film is being crowd funded. Film at Eleven is building a Community for "The Uncondemned" through events, special campaigns and partnerships. Join the Community today!

I’m so happy to see all of you here, because this is where we should be. Gatherings like this are the only place where there is still hope.
— Alice Walker, at Catharine Clark Gallery benefit for "The Uncondemned"

Haiti: Where Did the Money Go? 

In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, half of all U.S. households donated to relief efforts estimated at $1.4 billion dollars. Film at 11 followed the paper trail, talked with relief experts and walked through the internal displacement camps of Haitians left homeless by the quake. This critical film, "Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?", leaves you with the question: How do we do better at doing good?

You can learn more about the film, our follow up work on Haiti or order your own DVD. 


Investigative Journalism for Change

We realized with our first film that audience engagement doesn't stop there--actually, it begins after the final frame fades. We actively build communities around our films--hey, these are provocative for a reason--and seek partnerships with expert organizations, colleges and universities, and activists. The goal: to build a better world, of course! From screenings and conversations to conferences and educational outreach, we want to give our audiences opportunities to have an impact.  


The stories we tell at Film at Eleven shouldn't end with the final cut - we feel it is critical to build a Community of people who care about the issues we highlight in our films. This Community is where change will begin. It isn't enough to have an audience care while they are watching a film, and that's why Film at Eleven is using crowdfunding, special events and more to make sure that our impact on the issues doesn't end when the last frame of the film fades.

Coming soon: FIlm at Eleven is about to launch a new non-profit - Action After Fade - to tackle the question: "How can we do better at doing good?" Join us in making the rogue responsible!

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The Uncondemned

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