Film at 11 is a small team making critical films about urgent issues. Our provocative storytelling is only the beginning: Film at 11 invites you to do more than get angry when you watch one of our documentaries - we want you to join us in being responsibly rogue and take action after the last frame of the film fades.

We don't make our movies with one or two big investment checks. Instead, we are building a Community of individuals, organizations, student groups and others who care enough about the topics of our films to put their own money - whatever amount is meaningful to him or her - to make and promote the films.

Will you join our Community and make a donation today? We encourage you to consider a monthly pledge, as these sustain our work. Donations of any size make a difference!

You can donate to Film at 11's films through our fiscal sponsor, Filmmakers Collaborative. Filmmakers Collaborative is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit association of independent media makers working in documentary, narrative, animation, and experimental media. Founded in 1986, the Collaborative supports media making by sponsoring film, video, and radio projects, offering learning opportunities and a collaborative environment for experienced and emerging filmmakers, and educating the public about films and the filmmaking process.