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Will "Never Again" Happen Again?

Salon Series: The Uncondemned

Join us for our third monthly salon, Will "Never Again" Happen Again?, featuring award-winning reporter Tom Squitieri. A former war correspondent, Tom will speak about his experiences reporting from conflict zones such as Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia.

... “Never again” would the atrocities not be reported in real time. Or as real as time as possible. We would not wait until the war was over and it history, the past, where the horrors were revealed.
— Tom Squitieri

Date: Monday, February 23 

Time: 6:30-8:00 pm

Location: The Paname Restaurant

1068 2nd Ave between 56 and 57th

Tom Squitieri is an award-winning reporter and communications veteran with more than 35 years experience across several specialty areas, for both U.S. and international clients and newspapers.

A former foreign correspondent and national reporter, most recently at USA TODAY, he has written from all seven continents. Squitieri is a three-time award winner from the Overseas Press Club and the White House Correspondents Association and, in less than two years in the public relations arena, a winner of a 2007 Communicator Award of Distinction.

Currently a contributing columnist for The Hill newspaper, Squitieri’s work has appeared in Foreign Policy Association global affairs network, the Miami Herald, the  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Huffington Post. Prior to USA TODAY, he reported and wrote for the Boston Herald, the Lower Sun, Boston Business Review, Thomson Newspapers and the Valley News Dispatch.

For examples of his work from Bosnia, Rwanda and other conflict zones please visit his website.

Space is limited. To RSVP please email clarissa.sosin[at]

Please note that this month we will be charging a 10$ fee to attend the salon. This fee will go towards a drink of your choosing the night of.