When Tribeca-based designer Jes Wade learned about "The Uncondemned" she was inspired to design a shirt that is both beautiful and provocative. She was moved by the courage of the first women to testify about rape as a war crime, and chose to use the phrase "I am Witness JJ" in her design.

We asked Jes: Why Braille? Not only is the Braille design visually stunning, it is also mysterious. Unlike a shirt emblazoned with words that can easily be read from across the room, the Braille design stirs curiosity and invites interaction, opening the door to start conversations about Witness JJ and the campaign to make "The Uncondemned" - a perfect Community building tool!

Jes's beautiful designs come in a crystal tank or race back tee for $220, and various styles of cotton tees with braille in vinyl for $79. You can order your shirts directly on Jes Wade's website here and a portion of your purchase is a tax-deductible donation thanks to our fiscal sponsors at Filmmakers Collaborative.


Check out the video below where Jes Wade talks about why this film inspired her to create something beautiful for this important cause. You can follow Jes on Twitter and Instagram.