Kickstarter November 2013 - Our Backers

Your project works on all levels. Rape is a dark and private crime that needs as much daylight as possible, especially when used as an instrument of organized terror. It is also a gripping story with private and public drama that, if all goes well, should grab an audience’s attention and help spread the news. Increased awareness is the first stepping-stone. Then, who knows, someone who sees it might even be in the right place to do something about it. And, last but not least, I have faith in the crew!
— Simon Abrahams, @ EveryPainter

Jean Paul Akayesu is escorted into the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

I donated because we need to be relentless about shedding light on all angles of rape and the devastation it causes to the victims, their families and their communities. Survivors’ stories must be heard and perpetrators must be condemned, not just by courts, but by all of us, on a systematic basis.
— Diane Louvel, @DianeeLou

In November 2013, Film at Eleven launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $7,000 we needed to make a scouting trip to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We were so excited when we met the goal before we were even half way through the campaign - and we went on to nearly double our goal! Our crowdfunding approach was untested before this Kickstarter, but you proved our theory right: people care very much about the suffering inflicted by the use of rape as a weapon of war, and they are willing to put their money towards bringing this story to the broadest possible audience.

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported our 2013 Kickstarter campaign. Below is the full list of Kickstarter backers, and why they chose to give (in their own words). Check out photos from that incredible trip in our In the Field for The Uncondemned gallery, and keep an eye out for co-director Michele Mitchell's riveting (and often hilarious) production diary from the trip - coming online soon!

Film at Eleven's November 2013 Kickstarter for "The Uncondemned"

OFFICIAL BACKER LIST (alphabetical by first name)

Abigail Stokes * Adam Leon * Adrienne Hall * Ahmet * Ali Shore * Andrew Davie * Andrew Fink * Anne Louvel * Barbara & Bill Patrick * Ben Sharony * Bethany Asplundh * Bonnie Bertram * Camille Long-Shore * Can Tengiz * Charles & Leslie Fairbanks * Christine * Christine Chun * Christy Morgan * Connor Kiesel * Cynthia Levy * Dan Finer * Dan McGirt * Dana McElroy * Danielle Trussoni * David Armer * Demet Sevim * Diane Evans * Diane Louvel * Doug Hubbard * Emanuel Ag * Emily Lamont * Eric Anderson * Eric Lane * Erica Cantley * Gary Francis * Gretchen McGowan * Hannah Jayanti * Harriet Wallace * Heather Martin * Holly Carter * Jake Meltzer * James Hampton * Janet Riley * Jean Szkaradek * Jeff Patrick * Jenn London * Jennie Walker * Jennifer Gaynor * Jennifer Jones * Jeremy Farr * Jes Wade * Jessica Bryan * Jessica Harris * John Baumgartner * John Lucas * Joni Johnson * Joseph Young * JP Wade * Kaity Sinanis * Karen Gaul * Kate Filmer-Wilson * Kathryn Rozen * Keir Milan * Kellie Torres * Kerim Verdi * Kim Schuld * Kleber Menezes * Kylee Holly Dylan Armer * Laurie Wielenga * Lena Long-Shore * Lily Garrison * Lily Harrington * Linda A. Mitchell * Lindsay B. Davis * Lori Yamada * Lynn Pleshette * Mandi L. Neubecker * Marc Long * Mark Grieco * Mark Huntley * Martha Marin * Matt Myers * Matthew Farr * Mauyer E Cox III * Melinda Miles * Merete Høberg * Merlin U Ward * Michael Brown * Michael Cendejas * Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola * Monica Adams * Ned Thorne * Nick Cannell * Nick Garrison * Nick Louvel * Nicolás Pascal * Nicole Phillips * Nitin Saigal * Ofra Bloch * Oli Foster * Patricia Long * Patricia Sabga * Patrick Lanier * Rachel Rosengarten * Rebekah Kosinski * Rémy "Skuz974" STIEGLITZ * Richard Price * Rosie Clauer * Ryan McGartland * Sarah Burnes * Sarah T Schwab * Scoop Wasserstein * Shannon Patrick * Simon Abrahams * Sinem Bayoglu * Sonya Armer * Sophie Schmitt * Spencer Wolff * Steffen Goelkel * Steve Lapin * Susan Raines & Jim Duffy * Susan Semegran * Tim Matusch * Tom Brecht * Tracie Hamersley * Trisha Bauman * Warren Boizot * Zachary Friedman

Knowing Michele & the Filmat11 team it was a no-brainer to want to be a part of anything they’re doing! Their Haiti documentary was quite literally award-winning and I have high hopes that ‘The Uncondemned’ will repeat history & also raise consciousness on a global level to an extremely important issue.
— Tracie Hamersley
Skill is tackling a difficult story with love, tears and laughter. Film@11 will do that.
— Jes Wade, @Jes_Wade
Michele and her team are unrelenting in their quest for the REAL news, treading where most fear to go. For our sakes, the impossible interview is achieved and much more revealed than we ever expected.
— Gretchen McGowan
I gave because Michele Mitchell is one of the few journalists shining a light on one of history’s longest and least-condemned crimes. It’s commendable that action is being taken to recognize this violence as a war crime, but shameful that it’s taken this long. It’s a downpayment on a better future for my daughter.
— Bonnie Bertram
I wanted to be a part of this story which aims to bring awareness in to suffering of many women victims of rape, to help to end these atrocities so that they cannot ever happen again in their lives.
— Sinem Bayoglu

The Film@11 crew isn’t afraid to pull the strings on each story to expose the truth. No bluff, no fluff in their work.
— Kim Schuld, @kimschuld
Our family contributed to this project for several reasons. We know that responsible journalism can effect change. We believe you will tell this terrible story with respect and honor. We believe in you, Michele, and Film@11.
— Rosie Clauer
I wanted to donate because misogyny is too often hidden, and needs to be exposed, then perhaps change will come. Thanks for speaking out, when so many remain silent.
— JP Wade (Kitty)
Having seen Haiti: Where Did the Money Go I find it impossible not to support Nick and Michele’s latest endeavor. Not only are those without a voice now heard, but an audience who might otherwise remain complacent is moved to take action.
— Karen Gaul, @KarenJGaul