Common Sense

We're not very bloggy here--you'll see more video programming than written content--but we figured we should kick things up a bit to give you an idea of, well, what we're doing. We cover four topics, and only four, but they're broad: the war on terror, shrinking middle class economy, environment and the 2008 election. Anything we dish up to you will fall in those categories, with a sharp eye towards investigative, connect-the-dots journalism and international coverage.

Our first programming is "Common Sense," our 8-episode series that follows the pretense: what would a journo ask a presidential candidate if he/she didn't care about a future White House press pass and got one shot to ask one question. And to further our point on this, we steadily avoided the usual pundits seen on t.v.  We did, however, ask a couple of people who we've worked with a lot over the years to participate.

We covered nearly 12,000 miles (of driving, thank you very much), consumed roughly 100,000 calories (road food!) and not only still like each other, we discovered some new things. For example, "white filtered coffee," as ordered by Ed Head in St. Louis, means absolutely nothing to an American. Kansas is surprisingly beautiful. And excellent sausage is to be had in Columbus, OH. (George would like to give a shout out to Kingwood, West Virginia, home of the all-you-can-eat buckwheat pancakes.)

This season of "Common Sense" sticks to the homefront. The next one heads overseas. In the meantime, you'll be able to see episode 5 imminently, so get ready to warm yourself in the still-popping embers of the fuel crisis.

--Michele Mitchell