Picking on the Little Guy?

So GM, et al, are "too big to fail." What about the millions of small businesses in the U.S.? You know, the so-called "backbone of America," aka Main Street. We're not hearing so much rhetoric these days from the pols on this, maybe because small business is paying for the sins of big business? That's the question we posed for the first episode of our new program, "Political Graffiti." We'd been hearing smatterings of trouble early in the year--colleagues in New York who had small companies that were barely making money or just barely behind, suddenly having lines of credit revoked.

Then we got an e-mail from the Iwig Family Dairy. Tim and Laurel Iwig, who produce and bottle high-quality organic milk on their family farm, were featured in our 2008 series "Common Sense." The credit crunch hit them, and hard--they got a call from their banker that their note was being pulled. How far were they behind? About $20,000. What's at stake? Everything.

You can find "Political Graffiti" debuting on Babelgum, here.

And then check this episode of "A Minute of Your Time" to see how it all turned out... http://blip.tv/file/3415933