Hurray for State Governments!

We rubbed the sleep from our saggy little eyes--we've been diligently working to bring you an exciting film from the Middle East--and in our jet-lag haze we had to rub twice when we saw this. Reason cited by (former) Governor Palin is that she can help to "fight for our state" from outside the governorship. Now, usually, politicians who feel the call to civic duty believe the very best way to do so is to serve in elected office, not out. We here at Film@11 don't like to speculate, so we'll take (former) Governor Palin at her word. And we're wondering how many more governors, facing major problems of their own, might take a cue from her and follow suit. After all, perhaps Illinois won't need to raise income taxes by 50 percent if Gov. Pat Quinn steps down and, say, signs a talk show deal with all proceeds, say,  going towards the state deficit. And what about New York--just move some cameras into the state house, and package up a reality show to chronicle a mass resignation, with the money paying down the expense of their nasty skirmish alone ($10,000 a day).

Sigh. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming--the Middle East, which, oddly, is much more relaxing to discuss these days than our own states.