Slime Trail Slithers South, Slug Arrested

The E Men have struck again. After two anonymous tips (and cooperating with Mexican and U.S. authorities) the Environmental Protection Agency snagged a member of their Most Wanted list: Robert Wainwright. Wainwright has a toxic history--and not just with the environment. His list of crimes includes possession of firearms (and 2,840 rounds of ammunition), disposal of slag and brick waste into a nearby wetland in Lake County, Indiana, and child molestation.

Bad Man

He fled to Mexico to avoid the seven counts of violating environmental management laws (for which he faces up to 24 years in prison). EPA officials say the savvy tipsters reported in from Mexico after spotting Wainwright on the list of 21 Most Wanted eco-criminals.

Wainwright's on his way back now--he will face charges of environmental violations, fleeing and federal munition charges.

--Kayla Ruble