Ends Up, There're NOT Plenty of Fish in the Sea

So the fish of the world are disappearing -- we're literally eating our way to their extinction. But some of the leading chefs of the world, like Le Bernardin's Legion d'Honneur chef Eric Ripert, are actively working to change this, one table at a time. Even if that table belongs to a cash-strapped college student.

The man works with intense budgets every day—albeit a bit more highbrow than what I'm used to—but he was once a starving student, so he had a few handy tips on how to eat well, for less, and save the world, too.

Ripert told us he likes to eat steak and drink a scotch--not necessarily together, though.

"You can buy a good fish fillet and pair it with a good, inexpensive starch, like potatoes," Ripert told me recently. "Try collard greens, or even whole heads of lettuce instead of packaged salads. Buy in bulk. Instead of chicken wings, buy the whole chicken."

And then there's the environmentally sound choices that also fit a tight budget. Those slabs of tuna steak or tender Chilean sea bass belly are very expensive—and for a reason. They're practically gone.

"The perception of whether a fish is expensive or not is in the eye of the beholder," Ripert said. "You can always use cheaper fish such as sardines or tilapia,"

And how to cook that sardine, if you (like me) are used to pulling them out of a can?

"You have to sear the skin of the sardine until it is crispy."

Learn more about it in this episode of A Minute of Your Time. http://blip.tv/file/3415528

-Sabrina Chan