Inhofe Takes His Ball and Goes Home

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) does not believe in global warming. He will not take it from the EPA. He will not take it any day. He would not take it from a pup. He would not go to a markup... All right, so our meter is slightly off. But Inhofe (an old pal of ours, as you can see herehere and here) might have shown the maturity of the average Seussian reader when he refused to attend the markup of the Senate climate bill in the Environment and Public Works committee. I will not attend your global warming meeting, James I am

Committee chairwoman Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) can’t hold the markup unless at least two GOP senators are present. And this is where Inhofe—who says a real economic analysis of the bull hasn’t been completed—was able to rally all of his fellow Republicans to boycott the meeting (Sen. George Voinovich’s 15-minute appearance hardly counted).

It could be said that Inhofe is simply doing a grand job of representing his constituents. Or perhaps he is taking a cue from the bully wing of  his party, which is making it more difficult for moderates (those who play well with others) to serve even in moderate districts.

We were unable to find out for sure. Senator Inhofe declined to comment on this story.

- Michele Mitchell