The Tyranny of Political Correctness

The extremist group Islam4UK has finally been banned under anti-terrorism laws. While I’m elated that it is now a criminal offence to belong to the organization that seeks to turn Britain into an Islamic state and introduce Sharia law, the question must be asked: why didn’t the government act sooner? The catalyst for the ban was Islam4UK’s proposed march through Wootton Bassett, the Wiltshire town where Brits of all backgrounds gather to pay tribute to fallen British soldiers. The planned demonstration was widely condemned by many sectors of British society and spawned greater public awareness of Islam4UK. It was reported for example, that the group’s founder, Anjem Choudary receives £25,000 a year in benefits from British taxpayers – money which he claims ‘belongs to Allah’.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that media attention effectively embarrassed the government into acting.  The Home Secretary claimed that Islam4UK had avoided being banned earlier because it keeps changing its name (the group sprang up after its parent organization, al-Muhajiroun, was outlawed). But in my view, this excuse doesn’t hold water. The authorities are well aware of what Anjem Choudary and his fellow radicals get up to. Islam4UK should have been banned the second it posted a webpage.  We’re lucky it was a publicity stunt and not a terrorist incident that focused attention on the group.

Why did the government hold back? Was it fearful of being branded racist and anti-Islamic? We do after all live in an era where the tyranny of political correctness has silenced reasonable voices and protected those who would destroy the values which make this country great. It’s high time it ended.

There is a huge difference between disagreeing with government policy and hating all that is British. If Anjem Choudary and his followers want to live in an Islamic state, they should apply for residency in one. If they hold a second passport for an Islamic state, they should surrender their British passport and go. Finally, to dissuade foreign radicals from coming to this country to siphon benefits while they spread their message of hate, I propose the following: any foreign adult who wishes to receive a British passport should be made to surrender all others. A UK passport should be a privilege; not a convenience.

Before the PC police have a go at me, let me say that I am proud to live in multi-cultural Britain. The fact that so many people from different backgrounds have learned to live together peacefully here is testament to this country’s strength. Tolerance is undoubtedly one of our greatest values; hence why the government should act swiftly when radicals try to abuse it. If people are going to enjoy the benefits this society has to offer, including the right to free speech and assembly, they should be made to uphold British laws and values - not be excused while they attempt to overthrow them.

Bob Shepherd is an ex-SAS soldier and bestselling author of The Circuit. To read more posts by him, please visit