Everybody Hates France

Italy's mad at France. In fact, the head of the Italian Senate's defense affairs committee told Corriere della Sera that French policy towards Libya appeared to be motivated by a desire to secure oil contracts, while Italy faces a potential flood of refugees. Turkey is also mad at France--according to the Guardian, because Turkey wasn't invited to the meeting last Saturday in Paris which decided the current no-fly zone policy. And the UK and the US are also mad at France because French president Nicolas Sarkozy announced French planes were already in the air and ready to attack Libya before most of the allies had even left Saturday's meeting to decide on military action, and before informing the allies.

Prof. Juan Cole explains here how a no-fly zone can be successful. At the top of the list: "It should not be open-ended, but rather should have an expiration date. The no-fly zone is a response to a specific humanitarian crisis (the Qaddafi regime was firing tank and artillery shells at urban crowds protesting it). That crisis must not draw the UN allies into a years-long quagmire. (Such a situation developed in Iraq in the 1990s and contributed to the ultimate destruction of that country)."

And the airman whose F-15 crashed? He parachuted into a field near the Benghazi airbase. Rob Crilly, filing for the Telegraph, quoted a 27-year-old Libyan as saying, "I hugged him and said don't be scared we are your friends." According to Crilly, "A queue formed to shake the hand of the airman, as locals thanked him for his role in the attacks."