“I don’t want any more to die”

There's at least one no-fly zone in effect. Not in Libya, however. The IAEA has announced a 30km no-fly zone around the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Al-Jazeera has a report of Tokyo citizens "trying to outrun radiation" The network has an interactive map tracking the disaster here.

From the ground: Twitter user @TakC_MD_PhD wrote, "Lots of people are on the verge of death because of food and medicine shortages. Please don't kill people who don't need to die. Please, please whatever you have to do, get the essentials to the stricken areas. Let me know what I can do. I don't want any more of my countrymen to die."

Information is trickling in slowly in areas beyond the hard-hit Tohoku area. People in Ibaraki and Chiba are getting frustrated. @danielktg wrote, "We are lacking information about Ibaraki/Chiba/Tochigi/Nagano/Niigata. Please report more about the damage situation, safety information, the evacuation centers, supply support and so on. Please don’t just report what will get you higher ratings, report what needs to be known. Please."

@no9_halu was more blunt: "In order to avoid a power outage in the center of the capital, a planned blackout is being carried out in the coastal areas of Ibaraki and Chiba (including Kashima and Choshi), areas hit by the tsunami and where there are still aftershocks. Don’t you see a contradiction here?"

Here is footage of Asahi in the Chiba Prefecture, which was hit by the tsunami:


For more on-the-ground information, check out the excellent work at Global Voices.