Peek Inside Qaddafi's Mind--If You Dare

The three-volume Green Book, published between 1976 and 1979, is Qaddafi's political and social disseration, and, briefly, a professional sports sponsor. In 1987, a German ice hockey team facing bankruptcy turned to Libya. The Center for the Studies and Researches of the Green Book agreed to pay $900,000 to advertise the book on jerseys and in the arena. (West Germany's interior minister called this a "crass development".)

But although English translations are available, you might be hard-pressed to find its readers. Fortunately, historian Andrew Roberts has, and he handily picked out the top ten quotes, for those of you who prefer your political readings to come bite-sized.

1. “Women, like men, are human beings. This is an incontestable truth… According to gynecologists women, unlike men, menstruate each month… She breastfeeds for nearly two years.”

2. “There are inevitable cycles of social history: the yellow race’s domination of the world, when it came from Asia, and the white race’s attempts at colonizing extensive areas of all continents of the world. Now, it is the turn of the black race to prevail in the world.”

3. “While it is democratically not permissible for an individual to own any information or publishing medium, all individuals have a natural right to self-expression by any means, even if such means were insane and meant to prove a person’s insanity.”

4. “Mandatory education is a coercive education that suppresses freedom. To impose specific teaching materials is a dictatorial act.”

5. “If a community of people wears white on a mournful occasion and another dresses in black, then one community would like white and dislike black and the other would like black and dislike white.”

6. “Sporting clubs which constitute the traditional sports institutions in the world today are rapacious social instruments. The grandstands of public athletic fields are actually constructed to obstruct access to the fields.”

7. “Placing a child in a day nursery is coercive and tyrannical and a violation of the child’s free and natural disposition.”

8. “Labour in return for wages is virtually the same as enslaving a human being. In a socialist society no person may own a private means of transportation for the purpose of renting to others, because this represents controlling the needs of others.”

9. “The democratic system is a cohesive structure whose foundation stones are firmly laid one above the other, the Basic People’s Conferences, the People’s Conferences, and the People’s Committees, which finally come together when the General People’s Conference convenes. There is absolutely no conception of democratic society other than this.”

10. “No representation of the people—representation is a falsehood. The mere existence of parliaments underlies the absence of the people, for democracy can only exist with the presence of the people and not in the presence of representatives of the people.”