“Then They Whipped Us with Wires Until We Fainted”

While diplomats and experts sift through the current cease-fire claim by Qaddafi, it's worth taking a quick look at the last 48 hours in Benghazi. Global Voices collected a few Twitter reports starting Wednesday, March 17:

@NahlahAyed Bombing begins in Benghazi.#libya @iyad_elbaghdadi #Libya revolution's envoy to the UN: We are in a good position strategically and militarily, despite the imbalance of firepower.

What happens to Libyan rebels who fall into Qaddafi's hands? There is one eyewitness account, a young man named Ali, who told Al Arabiya that he was the sole survivor of 26 rebels who were tortured to death.

“They beat and electrocuted our genitals and dragged us from them while yelling, ‘So that you won’t be able to bring to the world a rotten offspring like you.' Then they whipped us with wires until we fainted.” Ali is currently in a wheelchair.

More assessment by Human Rights Watch here.