"People Don't Invest in People Like Us"

Today's death of famed conflict photographer Tim Hetherington (and co-director of "Restrepo") wasn't, shall we dare, a surprise. This is exactly the risk taken by photographers and reporters in war zones. They all know what can happen if they go the wrong way on the wrong street, or the crowd turns, or, simply, they have a critical moment of bad luck. We have been working for a while on a short film about exactly this subject. Why, considering the risks and the (often very little) reward, would anyone do this job, where you see the absolute worst that people can do to each other? The award-winning and world-class Stanley Greene, among others, tackled this question. He told us how most people don't want to look at the photographs, and the great personal sacrifices often made in pursuit of the shot. "People don't invest in people like us," he said.