Who's Responsible for Japan?

Now that Fukushima has officially hit the Chernobyl-level disaster (category seven), the Tokyo Electric Power Company is being criticized for negligence. AP notes that "Tepco has safety violations that stretch back decades. In 1978, control rods at one Fukushima reactor dislodged but the accident was not reported because utilities were not required to notify the government of such accidents. In 2006, Tepco reported a negligible amount of radioactive steam seeped from the Fukushima plant — and blew beyond the compound."

Over the weekend, over 15,000 people gathered in Tokyo via Twitter and other social networks to protest nuclear power and the problems it has caused. As noted by Japan Probe, the number isn't significant considering the metro area population of 35 million, but as Global Voices adds, "it was the first time that ordinary people had taken to the streets to voice their opposition to nuclear power."

Tweeter @Inuinu_void: "I’ll say it straight – how’s the Japanese people ‘supposed’ to express their anger? Even if they did, the media is on TEPCO’s side so they’re not gonna report it properly anyway. I heard only the professional people are actually voicing their opinion. Japanese people’s anger is brewing under the surface like magma right now. I don’t think foreigners are gonna understand that." [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vyWZEx-AfU&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]