"Right. Time to Reveal Where I Am."

"I WANT TO BE FREE." That was the message recently sent to us by one of our contacts in Tripoli. The last we'd heard from him, in July, he wrote, "I am coming back from front line in the war between us and FUCKING GADAFI, any way I would like to thank you and all Americans for helping us in our war for freedom ,we will never surrender."

Well, he's on his way to freedom, now. While rebel forces storm the compound of  Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi (there is currently a nearly $2 million bounty on the former leader's head, courtesy of Libyan businessmen--dead or alive), the burgeoning victory rippled through the Internet.

@misrati_free tweeted, "Brother-in-law just made it home after 3 months in jail for refusing to put q's picture in his hospital operating room."

From @ShababLibya--"a group of Libyan youth...inspired by our brothers and sisters in Egypt and Tunesia": "Deputy chief of intelligence quits Qaddafi regime (or what is left of it) and says he now supports the NTC (jumping off the sinking ship)."

And other Libyans are finally revealing their whereabouts, now that they don't have to fear Qaddafi forces hauling them off to jail for using the Internet or watching television. @SayNoToQaddafi tweeted, "Right. Time to reveal where I am from. I am from Tamanhint 30 km north from Sebha. We have created a local council and raised the indp flag.""

But the one Libyan who everyone wants to find is of course Qaddafi himself. Al-Jazeera thinks he's still "somewhere in Tripoli."

An excellent live blog of events, including an English translation of the latest message from Qaddafi, here.