Film@11 Partners With KoldCast Entertainment Media to Distributed "The Zeroes"

The Zeroes
The Zeroes

BROOKLYN, NY—Film at 11 TV, a company based in Brooklyn, NY that produces video news features, documentaries and weekly series for multiple platforms has partnered with Irvine-based media company, KoldCast Entertainment Media, to distribute its new documentary program "The Zeroes," which will be featured on the KoldCast TV network beginning today, Wednesday, October 12, 2011.

“Our partnership with KoldCast is an important step in licensing our content around the globe,” said Edward Head, Senior VP, Business Development.  “We are excited to be one of the first documentary programs to be featured as KoldCast expands its original programming to documentaries and short films.”

"The Zeroes" is a fresh examination of the 2008 financial collapse from the perspective of a key witness who says he should have known better--Randall Lane, then the founder and editor-in-chief of Trader Monthly and currently editor of Forbes Magazine. Why did smart people get sucked into the financial bubble? Through footage from trader parties, boxing matches, interviews with the players themselves as well as their psychics and therapists, we see how risk came to be rewarded, and how a veteran financial and political editor like Lane got caught up in it.

But Lane made a mistake that they didn’t – instead of using other people’s money like Wall Street did, Lane used his own…and lost. Summing up the situation, Lane says, “When the figures were tallied at the end of 2009, there would be zero increase in household net worth for the decade. Zero net job creation, zero median income growth, zero stock market appreciation.”

"I think this story is even more relevant and important now than when I wrote the book." – Randall Lane, Editor of Forbes.

"Why did smart people suspend logic like that in 2008? When I saw some of the footage of the parties they went to, the lifestyle they led, it was easy to see why," said producer Ivan Weiss. "And it's easy to see why it could happen again."

“Given the Occupy Wall Street movement, which started in Manhattan, the timing could not be better to share the story of “The Zeroes” using a global internet based platform,” said Edward Head.

Watch Episode 1 of the five-part documentary series “The Zeroes”:

Note: News media download link to 30-second excerpt from “The Zeroes”:

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Jennie Walker, VP Business Development, Film at 11 TV


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