Haiti Doc Wins Edward R. Murrow Award - Best TV Documentary

BROOKLYN, NY---Radio Television Digital News Association announced today that it recognized Film at Eleven for a national Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Television Documentary for “Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?”“If you look at the list of winners in other categories, you see ABC, CBS, CNN—all the big guys,” said producer and director Michele Mitchell, who began her career at CNN. “It’s amazing that we were even considered for the award, let alone won it.” The film, which began airing on PBS stations, presented by Oregon Public Broadcasting, follows the money in what was the biggest international charitable fundraising relief effort after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The amount of relief money raised was unprecedented. The film asked one simple question: Was that money being spent responsibly? Tracking the paper trail and talking with relief experts, with two extensive trips to the island nation and as the first group of journalists to venture into many of the temporary camps, the film also includes an exclusive interview with a top American Red Cross official. This led to the next question: Is there any transparency or accountability among international aid organizations? “Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?” previously won a Gracie Award® for Best Investigative Feature, CINE Special Jury Award for Best Television Documentary, CINE Golden Eagle for investigative documentary, among others. For further inquires, contact Jennie Walker at 917.783.7856 or via email at jennie.walker@filmat11.tv.