"The Uncondemned" at THIMUN 2016

Last week co-director Michele Mitchell presented the film at The Hague to this year's participants at THIMUN 2016. After the screening, students Maha Tamer (18) and Hugo Fernández González (17) interviewed Michele about making "The Uncondemned." Watch the interview and excerpts from the screening below! 

Interview with Michele Mitchell- thimun 2016

About Maha Tamer (Interviewer):

"Hi, I'm Maha! Formerly part of the Munity Online press team of THIMUN 2016 (The Hague International Model of United Nations), I'm a student at the Lyceé Louis Massingnon in Morocco. I love writing stories as well as researching cultures and societies which is why I'm currently aiming at studies in marketing and social sciences."

About Hugo Fernández González (Videographer):

"Although my blood descends from the heart of the Iberian peninsula (making me Spanish), I find myself studying at the American School of The Hague. In my free time I play varsity tennis, compose music on the piano, read all kinds of books, write all kinds of scripts, and make films from which some have won international film festivals Upon graduation, I intend to study economics in University so that I can then apply it in the film industry where I plan to lead a career."

Excerpts from "The Uncondemned" at thimun 2016