Press for The Uncondemned

"The War Crime That Kills You Quietly"

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"Kagame graces premiere of Genocide film on rape"

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"Film shows bravery of Rwandan women in first prosecution of rape as war crime"

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"The Uncondemned"

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"Rwanda: The Uncondemned Movie, Screened in Kigali"

AllAfrica, June 2015


"Rwanda: Kagame Graces Premiere of Genocide Film On Rape"

AllAfrica, Doreen Umutesi, June 2015


Lisa Pruitt and The Uncondemned

UC Davis School of Law Faculty Blog, Lisa Pruitt, June 2015


"Film shows the bravery of Rwandan women in first war crime rape prosecution"

HindustanTimes, June 2015


"Filmmaker documents historic trial that made rape a war crime"

Women in the World, Neesha Arter, June 2015


"NYC-based Film Company 'Film at 11' Tackles Real Issues, Responsibly Rogue"

Untapped Cities, June 2015


"The Uncondemned: The Fight For The First Rape Conviction In Rwanda"

Young Professionals In Foreign Policy, Maxine Builder, May 2015


"When Women Speak"

Poetic Change, May 2015


"What's Rape's Brand?" -Michele Mitchell

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Arun Gandhi and "The Uncondemned" 

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Michele Mitchell Interviews with Sky News

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"Shifting the Power with Filmmaking Michele Mitchell"

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"The Trial That Made Rape A War Crime"

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"A Look Back At The Trial That Made Rape A War Crime"

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Press for Haiti: Where Did The Money Go?


"A Noble Inquiry" 

The McGill Daily, Gaby Lai, January 2013


"Humanitarian aid groups probed in ‘Where Did The Money Go? documentary"

New York Daily News, January 2013


Michele Mitchell Interviews with CBS

CBS 5- San Francisco, Anne Makovec, April 2012


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"Where Did Haiti's Aid Go?"

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"Red Cross Responds To Documentary's Charges Of Haiti Aid Failure"

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An Interview with Michele Mitchell

Caribbean Journal, Alexander Britell, December 2011