Michele Mitchell


Michele is the executive editor and co-founder at Film at Eleven, where she has been director/producer of "Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?" (OPB/PBS) and executive producer of "Reporting for Duty" (PBS). A Murrow award-winning broadcast journalist known for her political investigative work, she is a former correspondent for “NOW with Bill Moyers” (PBS) and was the political anchor at CNN Headline News. She has reported extensively from most of the 50 states, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North Africa. A graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Michele started her career on Capitol Hill. She is the author of three books, including two regional bestselling novels, and currently writes the “Letter from New York” column for GQ Italia. She is on the board of advisors for the Authors Guild, BYKids and Water is Life. On twitter as @MicheleFilmAt11

Melinda Miles

Melinda is the acting president of Film at Eleven. An expert on community-based development and disaster response, Melinda founded a non-profit in Haiti in 2004 and coordinated a coalition to respond to the crisis in the months after the January 2010 earthquake devastated Haiti’s capital. She founded Let Haiti Live in 2010 to support alternative media, accountability, information sharing and programs for the youth, and most recently served as Program Director at TransAfrica in Washington, DC, where she briefed Members of Congress and policymakers; coordinated delegations and campaigns on Haiti, labor rights, LGBT issues and more; participated in the African National Congress’s International Solidarity Conference in South Africa; designed websites, branding and communications campaigns; and was an integral part of the team that planned the National Memorial for Nelson Mandela. She is the Chair of the Board of Directors of SOIL, an ecological sanitation non-profit based in Haiti. You can find Melinda on Twitter as @Melindayiti

Ed Head

An English qualified lawyer, Ed spent three years in the London office of a large international law firm, specializing in shipping/energy litigation, international trade and finance. His legal experience ranges from the drafting and advising on contracts to the conduct of litigation and arbitration. Ed co-founded Film at Eleven with Michele in the jungles of Nepal where he worked as a volunteer and researcher. Ed is responsible for digital business development and has worked on numerous Film at Eleven web and television productions, including “Common Sense”, “Political Graffiti” and A Minute of your Time." He was also the Executive-in-Charge on “Haiti: Where Did The Money Go?” Ed is a former member of the English National Ski Team and competed around the world. Ed is a graduate of King’s College London where he focused on war and geopolitics. He is on twitter as @EJMHead

Nick Louvel


Nick was the editor/post-production supervisor of "Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?" A graduate of Harvard University, Nick completed film programs at NYU and Boston University while directing his independent feature film, "Domino One." He served as creative assistant to screenwriter Eric Warren Singer on "The International" (Sony Pictures, 2009) and worked in development at Miramax. He has also produced content for corporate clients such as Chase Manhattan Bank and Emotional Branding Alliance. Louvel is currently in post-production on his second documentary, "Never Die," about Mississippi author Barry Hannah.

Samantha Taylor

Coordinating Cause Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility for "The Uncondemned," Sam is founder of Reputation Dynamics (RD), a for- and non-profit strategic development and fundraising advisory services company, focused on addressing critical social, economic and environmental issues with a focus on private-public partnership development. Sam brings more than 15 years of international for and nonprofit experience having worked in both agency leadership and corporate marketing roles. Born in London, 'Sam' grew up in Kenya, East Africa where she learned first hand the challenges of poverty and community development.  On Twitter as @ReputationDynam